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Electric RC Cars

These RC radio / remote control hobby-class electric RC cars are for racing on  smooth surfaces such as pavement or concrete. These electric RC Cars use battery powered electric motors -- both lower cost brushed motors, or more expensive brushless electric motors for significantly higher on-road performance.  Some of the electric RC cars are equipped with drift tires, so that they can be used for drift racing.  Most  of the electric RC cars can be used for either on-road racing or drifting, simply by changing the type of wheels you are using ( which are available under 1/10 scale parts). For more product detail and pictures, please double click on the text below the items that interests you to see all the information on that electric RC car.  You may want to purchase an additional battery and/or a faster charger for more play time. If we ship these batteries/charger, AA Batteries or other parts with the vehicle there is minimal additional shipping charges.

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