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Gift Ideas For The RC Hobbyist

Gift Ideas For The RC Hobbyist

Posted by RC Hobbies Outlet on 6th Dec 2019

The Christmas season brings about wonderful opportunities to shower our loved ones with gifts. And when these loved ones enjoy dabbling in RC vehicles as a hobby, then there are quite a few options available in the market.

We can take a quick dive into options that are easily available online for every RC hobbyist on your list!

  • 1.New RC Vehicle: The very first item on our list is the most apparent choice; a new RC vehicle. Especially consider a 1/10 or 1/8 scale RC Truck or RC Buggy that is water resistant, as a gift. These can run through all seasons and terrains, and if you get our hint, in winter time too! So, this can be a gift they will enjoy right away, without waiting for the snow or slush to clear up. You could also consider 1/24 or 1/16 scale electric RC vehicles for indoor racing.
  • 2.Batteries: If your RC hobbyist has an Electric RC vehicle, they will always want more batteries for more play time. if you are aware what type of RC batteries is required, you can gift an extra battery for increased play time (you can also call us to help you identify the appropriate battery). Your RC hobbyist may also appreciate a faster battery charger
  • 3.Tool-Kit, Accessories or Upgrade Parts : Additional Tools , RC accessories, or upgrade parts for the budding hobbyist is also a valuable gift. RC Tools can be useful for hobbyists who are looking forward to upgrading their vehicle or performing some repair and maintenance to keep their vehicle up to speed. RC Accessories such as shock oil, LED lights, glow plug igniters, battery testers, extra vehicle bodies etc. can be valued giftfor the hobbyist. Most RC vehicles have upgrade parts available which allows the hobbyist to upgrade some of the plastic components to more robust metal parts –to make it less likely to break in crashes and improve appearance.The parts sheets for the vehicle usually has a section for available upgrade parts.
  • 4.Gift Certificate: The last item on our list may not seem thoughtful at first, but it will be appreciated nonetheless. Giving a gift certificate can go a long way for any hobbyist. It can help in purchasing RC parts or tools, that their well-loved vehicle may require at the end of an action-packed year. A gift certificate can also be easily applied to towards a new RC vehicle they are coveting and saving towards!

Our list above is a great starting point for friends and family members that are looking to make their loved ones smile this holiday season. Once you take a closer look at the RC Hobby world, there are endless bits, parts and vehicles, that RC Hobbyists can add to build an amazing RC collection.