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Beating the COVID19 Blahs with RC Hobbies

Beating the COVID19 Blahs with RC Hobbies

Posted by RC Hobbies Outlet on 22nd Dec 2020

Phase 2 of the Pandemic Outbreak in 2020

As we near the end of the year, across the globe, most countries are going through a second wave of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. As difficult and challenging this time has been for many, it has also been a time of self-reflection, care, and new journeys.

During these times, a lot of people have turned to nurture creative activities and hobbies that can help them pass time under lockdown, while also learning new skills and having a good time.

Healthy RC Hobbies

If you are also considering picking up a new hobby, then you have come to the right place! RC hobby class products offer an exciting new interest with an educational element of learning about motors and mechanics, all the while busting boredom safely. You can pick items ranging from trucks, buggies, cars to airplanes and boats, depending on the outdoor area that’s available to you. This hobby can also be easily cultivated indoors, in garages, warehouses, or outside in backyards, parks, fields or trails, based on what vehicle you choose. It is a hobby you can enjoy, no matter where you live.

With winter in full action in many parts of the world currently, you can rest assured that your RC hobby class vehicles such as the Wolverine Pro RC Brushless Electric Truck

can also be water-resistant, so you do not have to give up enjoying your hobby in the crisp winter air.

Nitro gas vehicles are also populat in winter if you are considering taking your new RC vehicle for outdoor play in winter.

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For DIY Enthusiast

For those who enjoy Do-it-Yourself (DIY), this hobby provides opportunites to repair and upgrade your RC vehicle, as well as a great opportunity to create your own race tracks, jumps or obstacles courses! You can invite a friend or two outdoors to see the tricks your vehicle can perform.

And if you are not into do-it-yourself projects, then rest assured you can have a great time without creating or buying any special ramps or equipment to race your vehicle. You can just as easily race on a road, parking lot, field, or trail using natural markers and small hills for jumps, or when needed, use everyday household items to fashion a racetrack or an obstacle course.

For Those Just Starting Out

If you are completely uninitiated to the world of RC Hobbies, then some of the best starter vehicles is a brushless electric RC truck or buggy if you are looking to race. RC Rock Crawlers, may also be of interest if you are intrigued by the challenge of crawling over natural or man-made obstacle, These vehicles move more slowly and are more suited for use in confined outdoor spaces, trails or even indoors where you can build your own obstacle course using household items You can see our extensive collection of RC Rock Crawlers here to get started.

Closing Thoughts

This hobby can be just as fascinating and fun whether you are alone or safely enjoying with friends in today’s new normal.

If indoor gathering restrictions have put a dent in your social life, then you can safely enjoy RC vehicles with friends outdoors, all while keeping your distance and getting fresh air.

And the best part is you can continue enjoying and customizing your vehicle long term, even when COVID-19 is no longer keeping us mostly indoors and away from friends and loved ones.

Note: If you are considering picking up an RC Class item, do take a look at our Buying Guide for some great tips.

Or if you have questions and need help with the purchase or general inquires, reach out via email or phone.