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What makes RC Hobby-class Products different than RC Toys

What makes RC Hobby-class products worth the extra cost vs RC toys?

RC toys are readily available in most toy stores in the $20 to $80 area, so one of the questions prospective hobbyists have, what is different about RC hobby-class products, and why are  RC hobby products worth the extra cost?

RC hobby-class products offer a number of important advantages versus RC Toys. Some of these are the following:

  • Quality:  The components used in RC hobby products are usually of substantially better quality than those used in RC toys. This  makes them more robust and harder to break, and the motor and drive train components last much longer
  • Performance and Capability:  RC hobby-class products offer dramatically better performance  and capabilities than offered by RC toys.  These include much higher speeds,  longer run-times, and much superior capabilities in areas such as handling, radio range and control ( how far the RC product can be from the controller and be under control), ability to do jumps, aerobatics, handle rugged terrain, etc.
  • Repairable: RC toys break easily, and once they do, they are typically thrown out and end up in the landfill, as they cannot be repaired.  One of the very important advantages of RC Hobby-class products is that they can be repaired by the customer using readily available parts. This allows you to protect your RC product investment for years, as you can purchase replacement components for anything that breaks due to collisions or normal wear and tear.
  • Upgradeable and customizable:  The RC hobbyist  can over time upgrade and customize their RC hobby-class product as most products also have a range of upgrade components available.  They can upgrade the motor or suspension, purchase a longer lasting battery, faster chargers, replace plastic components with metal components, make cosmetic changes and modify the product capabilities and appearance to their liking
  • Learning and Enjoyment:  Ability to repair, modify and tune RC products offer many learning opportunities, which you do not get with RC toys.  The much higher speeds and advanced capabilities of RC hobby-class products makes them much more enjoyable, and provides ongoing opportunities to improve skills, learn new skills and enter competitions or races  with other RC hobbyists.
  • Warranty:  RC hobby products come with warranties against manufacturing defects, which protects the purchaser. RC toys usually do not come with any warranty. 


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