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Nitro Gas RC

This category contains all our nitro gas motor powered RC cars, trucks and Buggies. RC Nitro Cars are best if you will be driving on smooth surfaces such as pavement or concrete. RC Trucks and RC Buggies can be driven both on-road and off-road. If most of your driving will be off-road, then a RC truck or a 1/8 Scale Buggy may be the best choice due to its higher ground clearance and more robust suspension.    For more  detail and pictures  of the nitro gas powered vehicles, please double click on the text below the nitro RC vehicle that interest you, to see all the information on that RC nitro vehicle. If this is your first nitro vehicle, you should also consider purchasing a nitro starter kit. If we ship the nitro starter kit or other parts with the nitro RC truck, the extra shipping cost for the starter kit  or parts is minimal. You may also want to purchase a spare glow plug ( see starting accessories) and AA Batteries