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RC Drift Cars

One of the most popular crazes sweeping the world in RC Car Racing,is Drift racing. RC Drift Cars are massive fun, and now has its own class in RC Car racing.   Picture yourself driving around a course completely sideways, --- how smoothly you can drift around corners is that is what driving RC Drift Cars is all about.

You can now get into serious club racing with the very latest in RC Drift Cars, the HSP Extreme Drift. Straight out of the box these RC Drift cars are very competitive while their fully adjustable suspension lets you fine tune them to the track specs. They are equipped with a powerful new RC 540 brushed motor which provides ample controlled power for  drift racing. These latest Drift RC Cars have an even lower center of gravity and coupled to 4 wheel drive and the latest HSP Driftech Low profile Drift tires makes 4 wheel drifts easier than ever. Some of these RC Drift cars are also equipped with 8 pre-installed LED lights, so you can even go drift racing at night. 

For more product detail and pictures, please  double click on the text below the RC Drift Cars that interest you to see all the information on that RC Drift car.  You may want to purchase an additional battery and/or a faster charger for more play time. If we ship the extra battery / charger with the vehicle, there is little or no additional shipping charge..