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Buying Guide for a RC (Radio/ Remote Control ) Truck

RC (Radio/ Remote Control ) Trucks

RC trucks come in a variety of styles and sizes.  The most popular style and size is the 1/10 scale monster truck style, however Short Course style Trucks , Baja style trucks and Truggys are also popular.  RC Truggys are a cross between RC trucks and RC buggy styles and tend to have a wider wheel base and lower center of gravity, which makes them less likely to flip, as well as also having a tail wing which causes the wind to increase the traction of the rear tires. You can see examples of these different styles in the RC trucks section on our website

Although RC trucks can be driven on pavement and smooth surfaces, they are ideal if most of the driving will be off-road, such as on dirt tracks, grass, and fields.   The reasons why they are better for off-road driving are generally the following:

  1. RC trucks provide more ground clearance than RC cars or RC Buggies, which makes it easier for them to drive through tall grass or over rougher surfaces. How much ground clearance is provided does vary by truck style and scale – for instance a 1/8 scale truck will provide much more ground clearance than a 1/10 scale truck.  Short course and Baja style trucks provide less ground clearance than Monster truck styles, and often provide a softer suspension which provides a bit different style of driving. Both of these truck styles are more suited for dirt tracks. Truggys tend to have bit less or similar ground clearance as a monster truck, but an equal to wider wheel base which increases stability.
    The higher the ground clearance, the better the truck can drive over  rough terrain, but it also raises the center of gravity , which makes the truck easier to flip.  However, RC Trucks typically have a wider wheel base than cars or buggies, which helps increase stability.

  2. RC trucks generally are geared to provide more torque, which may make them a bit slower, but provides the extra power needed to drive over hills and over rough terrain.

  3. RC Trucks generally have a bit more robust/ stronger suspension in order to better sustain the stresses put on the suspension, when traveling over rough terrain, and making jumps.

  4. RC trucks have larger wheels than RC cars or Buggies, as well as tires with more aggressive tire treads to provide more traction over rough terrain. The larger wheels also help to get over obstacles and absorb some of the shock when driving over rough terrain.

As with most RC products, RC trucks are available in either Nitro gas powered, brushed electric or brushless electric versions.


If you are purchasing a RC Truck for someone under 12, we would recommend a RC Truck with a brushed electric motor, as a brushless motor truck may be too fast for them.

If the person is over12, we would recommend a brushless electric Truck, as the higher performance, capability and better components, will retain their interest for longer.

If the person is 14 or over, we would recommend a brushless electric or nitro gas powered RC Truck (see pros and cons of gas vs electric in this guide). If the person has a mechanical aptitude, and shows an interest in engines, a nitro gas powered truck may be the best choice.  If the person is mechanically challenged, then a brushless electric Buggy would be the best choice.

If you are buying a Nitro gas powered RC Truck, and this is your first nitro vehicle, we also recommend you purchase a nitro starter kit, and a spare glow plug (part 70117). You will need to purchase 20% Nitro gas fuel at a local RC Hobby shop as fuel cannot be shipped through the mail.

If you are purchasing an electric RC Truck, and you budget allows, we would recommend you purchase an additional battery, as your play time is limited by the battery capacity you have. For brushless electric trucks, these batteries are in the LIPO RC battery category on our website, and for brushed electric trucks the batteries would be in the NIMH battery category, and you will want a battery with a white connector.

Depending on your budget, you may also want a faster charger than the charger that comes with the RC Truck. For brushless trucks, this would be the IMAX B6 charger, and for Brushed motor trucks, this would be the IMAX A3



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