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RC LIPO Batteries

RC LIPO Batteries are best suited for Brushless Electric Vehicles. but can be used with any ESC that has a low voltage cut off of 3v ( most brushed motor ESCs now have a strap option which allows them to use a 7.4v LIPO battery) . A LIPO battery provides significantly higher speeds and faster acceleration than NIMH Batteries. The most popular RC LIPO Batteries are 7.4v (2 cell), 11.1v ( 3 cell) and 14.8v (4 cell) The higher the voltage, the higher the speed. The RC LIPO Battery also varies in its MAH rating ( the higher the MAH rating, the more play time it will provide) and its C rating ( ability to provide bursts of current for acceleration). The RC LIPO Battery you can use, depends on the ratings of the brushless ESC and Motor in your vehicle. For the 1/10 scale brushless vehicles we sell, we recommend 7.4v LIPO ( up to 30C) although you can also use a 11.1v 20 -25C RC LIPO Battery as long as you are not driving on resistive surfaces, such as tall grass. For 1/8 scale vehicles you can use a 11.1v RC LIPO battery ( up to 30C) and most can also use a 14.8v 25C RC LIPO battery. As a RC LIPO Battery contains a lot of energy in a small package, it is good to review safety precautions ( such as always charging on a non-flammable surface) readily available on the internet.

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