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RC Drones, Quadcopters, Helicopters

RC drones and Quadcopters are an increasingly popular RC hobby product. They are significantly easier to fly than helicopters  while providing a similar experience, and usually also have the capability to take pictures or videos as well as provide a First person view (FPV) of seeing on a screen or goggles in real time, what your RC Drone or Quadcopter is seeing.

FPV is a way to fly in which a pilot uses a Monitor to view what the onboard camera of the Drone / Quad is transmitting live. It is the closest thing to sitting in a real plane / helicopter and flying by what the unit sees. RC Drone / Quad Racing is a new and quickly growing RC Hobby. Imagine racing a drone around trees, through tunnels and buildings, over a marked racing course as quickly as possible while you are controlling the flight based on the real-time camera view from the front of the Drone, == which you are viewing on a monitor or goggles. This adds a whole new level of skill as you fly your Drone / Quad which may be out of sight for much of the flight. Some have likened it to being in a real life video game, and large international competitions are now emerging where racers race against each other while hitting targets for points in elaborate indoor/outdoor courses, while thousands watch.

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