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Remote Control Trucks Make For Hours Of RC Fun

2nd Jun 2014

Remote control trucks allow you to explore and enjoy both the domains of on and off-road driving. Remote controlled trucks come with great features like larger aggressive tread tires,  higher torque, robust suspension, and greater ground clearance that allows you to expand your driving skills to off-road tracks, grass fields, jumps over ramps and hills, and the ability to trample over the rougher off-road surfaces you meet.

Remote control trucks come with either an electric battery powered motor, or with a nitro gas engine. These RC trucks are available in 1/16, 1/10, 1/8 and even 1/5 scale sizes, so you can choose the size truck you want to race.

Electric remote control trucks can come with brushed or brushless motors. Brushed motors are less expensive, and work well.Brushless motors are more expensive, but offer the advantages of providing significantly higher speeds and torque, are significantly more energy efficient(for longer battery life ) and are fully enclosed for protection against dirt and debris.  If you want more play time on your electric RC Truck , then you will have to buy extra or higher capacity batteries to keep these trucks running for longer time periods. For RC trucks with brushless motors you can also increase the speed by using higher voltage LIPO batteries.  Electric remote control trucks also provide the standard electric vehicle advantages of easy operations, standard forward and reverse, ability to be used indoors, and are much quieter than nitro gas powered vehicles.

Nitro gas powered remote control trucks also have strong fans, who like the realism of the roar and smoke of nitro gas motors as they rip around a field.  They also like the aspect of almost unlimited play time offered by nitro gas powered RC Trucks, as you just need to add fuel to the fuel tank, and keep on racing.

RC trucks are a lot of fun and you can enjoy a great time with them almost anywhere you can drive.