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​RC Storage Tips , New Products

Posted by RC Hobbies Outlet on 28th May 2016

RC Storage Tips , New Products

One of the questions we sometimes get, is how to properly store your RC product if you will not be using it for several weeks or months (such as the winter).

General Storage Tips

  1. You should store an RC vehicle on a platform so that the wheels are hanging down and are off the ground. This avoids the tires developing flat spots and reduces wear on the shock spring
  2. You should not store RC in a damp location to avoid damage to electronics and corrosion.
  3. It is good to give the RC a good cleaning before extended storage – also check for any corrosion ( ie. Wheel bearings, etc.) and spray with WD40 ( or use a bit of marine grease)
  4. If the stored vehicle is exposed to very cold temperatures, return it to room temperature and ensure that any condensation has fully evaporated, before turning on any electronics.
  5. Remove AA batteries from controller and vehicle

Nitro Vehicles

  1. Run all the fuel out of the fuel tank and fuel lines and then empty out any remaining fuel in the fuel tank, and then blow out the fuel lines. If you don’t, the alcohol in the fuel will evaporate and leave a jelly mess and potentially gum up the carburetor.
  2. If you have after-run oil, put a few drops in the carburetor, and remove the glow plug to put a few drops inside the engine, and then pull the pull-start 5-10 times to make sure everything is coated. If you do not have after-run oil, you can use a bit of WD40

Electric Vehicles

If you use LIPO batteries, they should be charged to 50-75% of capacity. If they are discharged, or fully charged, the battery life will be shortened or battery may be damaged during long term storage.

New Products

We have added 2 Hoverboard products – 6 inch and 8 inch. These are equipped with Samsung LIPO batteries, which do not have the fire problem that has been experienced by other batteries.

We have also added 2 RTF Racing Drones. This is a FPV ( first person view) Drone /Quad racer. FPV is a way to fly in which a pilot uses a Monitor to view what the onboard camera of the Quad is transmitting live. It is the closest thing to sitting in a real plane / helicopter and flying by what the unit sees. RC Drone / Quad Racing is a new and quickly growing RC Hobby. Imagine racing a drone around trees, through tunnels and buildings, over a marked racing course as quickly as possible while you are controlling the flight based on the real-time camera view from the front of the Drone, == which you are viewing on a monitor or goggles. This adds a whole new level of skill as you fly your Quad which may be out of sight for much of the flight. Some have likened it to being in a real life video game, and large international competitions are now emerging where racers race against each other while hitting targets for points in elaborate indoor/outdoor courses, while thousands watch.