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RC Rock Crawlers: Perfect Climbing Buddies for Mountainside Adventures

30th Jan 2015

RC rock crawling has grown to be a well loved sport for many RC enthusiasts. Although it is not as fast-paced like track racing or drifting, RC rock crawling has managed to gain quite a huge following mostly because it includes the new class of interesting challenges for RC hobbyists. It appeals to RC enthusiasts who love being out in the sun instead of the indoor RC track. It is also very popular with players who like to compete with themselves.

RC rock crawling is all about the truck's power and maneuverability as well as its ability to navigate over obstacles and go over extremely rocky and uneven surfaces—something that basic RC models can't handle. Even trucks that are built for rough terrain—like Truggies and monster trucks cannot do what rock crawlers can do.

This said, you don't necessarily need an expensive high end vehicle to enjoy mountainside adventures with RC rock crawlers. If you are completely new to crawling, you can practice with 1/10 or 1/16 scale rock crawlers. Once you are ready for more adventure and challenge, you can start to upgrade to 4 wheel steering and larger 1/8 scale RC rock cralwers to handle rougher and more challenging terrains.

Good rock crawlers possess some key characteristics, the first of controlled, power (torque), more important than high RPM or speed when it comes to rock climbing. Torque can be achieved by lowering gear setups so that the motor can deliver steady power at lower speeds.

A rock crawler also needs high clearance and a lower center of gravity to ensure proper weight distribution and better ground clearance, crucial when tackling obstacles. High torque and 4 wheel  steering is another key feature to look for, along with a soft suspension and excellent tire traction, all of which work together to ensure excellent off-road performance.