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RC Jumping Tips and Product Highlights

RC Jumping Tips and Product Highlights

Posted by RC Hobbies Outlet on 24th Aug 2016

RC Jumping Tips

Jumping your RC Truck or Buggy can be a lot of fun, if done correctly. All RC vehicles can go up, but how they land determines if it was a successful jump or a mess. You want to land on all 4 wheels, or with the nose slightly up.
You can use most RC vehicles for jumping , other than on-road RC cars, which normally do not have enough ground clearance for jumping.

The following provides you with some tips on how to learn to be a successful RC jumper:
  1. When you are first learning, keep the jump height ( this is how high the vehicle goes after leaving the ramp) under 1 foot until you learn to land correctly. This means that the ramp may be only 3-4 inches high initially. You may also want to tighten the shocks using the C-clips you received with the vehicle, or adjusting the shocks where this is available. You may also want to consider using thicker shock oil. Practice on a grassy surface which can absorb some of the shock if you land your RC vehicle badly.
  2. You want to approach the ramp square at somewhere between 50% and full throttle , and go to full throttle just before you leave the ramp.
  3. When your RC vehicle is airborne you will need to control the level while it is in the air. The wheels of the RC vehicle acts like a gyroscope to allow you to control the level . You can do this by using the throttle to raise the nose if the nose is pointing down, or reducing the throttle or tapping the brake if the nose it pointing up. The amount of throttle or brake you use depends on the amount of correction needed.
  4. When you get more experienced you can also use steering and throttle to raise a corner if one corner is lower. Steer into the front corner of the RC vehicle you want to correct and apply the appropriate throttle response. However be sure wheels are straight when you land.
  5. When you land you want to have some throttle ( but not full throttle) to avoid damage to the gears and drive train.

Products Highlights

Two product categories we would like to highlight in the event you want to extend your skills into some new areas:
  1. Hoverboard or Self-Balancing Scooter -- we have 2 models for sale at a great price. This will make your outdoors travel more enjoyable. They come with a high quality Samsung LIPO battery.
  2. RC Airplanes -- we currently have 5 different RC airplane models you can pick from including 2 Ready to Fly beginner oriented RC airplanes, as well as RC airplanes for the intermediate and advanced flyer. These RC airplanes are made by FMS and provide excellent quality and value.