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RC Drift Cars - One of the Most Popular Cars in the RC World

8th Jan 2015

RC drift cars now form a popular category under on-road or touring RC vehicles. They are much like regular RC cars in that they perform best on smooth surfaces such as paved roads, concrete and asphalt. They are also built for speed and thus have very low center of gravity (for stability) and low ground clearance. But what puts RC drift cars in a class all their own are that they are designed specifically for sliding around corners and therefore require a different driving style.

The best way to dip your toes into RC drifting—without spending too much money or too much time on assembly and maintenance—is to buy a hobby-class reliable RC drift car that you can drive straight out of the box. Hobby-grade RC cars these days are surprisingly competitive, and prices start under $150

You want a drift car that features fully adjustable suspension that you can fine tune to the track specs. Very affordable and capable hobby-class RC drift car with a lower center of gravity are available on-line. Choose a 4 wheel drive RC car with specially designed drift tires to make those drifts a little easier.

It’s always a good idea to purchase additional batteries for more play time. Some retailers ship additional accessories and batteriesat no additional shipping charge when you buy these with an RC drift car.

You will find an impressive selection of these entry-level drift RCs online from some of Canada’s most trusted retailers. Be sure to buy from a store that specializes in providing beginners exceptional value in RC hobby products.  The best retailers import their RC drift cars directly from manufacturers to ensure the lowest prices. They also provide warranty (at least 12 months) and offer after sales support as well as a large stock of spare parts.

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