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How to choose the finest RC Rock Crawlers for Beginners?

9th Dec 2014

If you want to try a new hobby that can be even more thrilling than RC racing or bashing, you might want to try out RC rock crawling, which takes RC truck driving to new levels—literally. RC rock crawlers are specifically designed to conquer rough, rocky, and elevated terrain that few other RC trucks can. Good RC rock crawlers can take on rocky roads, hillsides, trails, obstacle courses and muddy puddles without any issues, making them the perfect climbing buddies for mountainside adventures.

While RC rock crawling may seem like an intimidating and even expensive sport, it really isn’t. There are many excellent hobby-grade RTR crawlers available from your favorite RC hobby outlet, all capable of handling even the roughest terrains. Beginner RC rock crawlers are the perfect units to start with before you spend more money on a higher grade unit. They are great for practice. Once you get used to rock crawling, you can upgrade to a more powerful truck that can conquer even more difficult terrains.

First-time hobbyists have plenty of choices when it comes to beginner RC rock crawlers. When shopping for your first unit, choose a ‘ready to run’ electric model designed for easier handling. These trucks are built for climbing over rocks and rubble and other challenging objects. Ready to run models will save you a lot of time as you don’t have to tweak and tune the truck before you can operate the unit. They are the perfect choices for beginners. Simply charge your batteries and you are ready to start overcoming rocky terrains.

For better handling, choose a full time 4WD model that will help you climb rocks more easily. Units with large bead-lock wheels and front and rear mounted motors are also ideal, as each pair of wheels are driven separately, and the center of gravity is lower for increased stability. If you have the budget, it is also worth considering 4 wheel steering as this provides you with the many more options in how you can maneuver over challenging obstacles.

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