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Get the Best Collection of RC Drift Cars for Sale Online

2nd Sep 2015

The RC drifting craze is at its peak, and more hobbyists are getting hooked as its popularity becomes even greater. Anyone who has ever watched RC cars shred tires on drifting tracks will be hooked whether as a spectator or as an actual drifter. The instant appeal of this hobby stems from a spillover from real car drifting, which is without a doubt an exciting feat to witness.

While nitro RC cars have the ability to drift, serious enthusiasts prefer electric models for their greater control over the speed and drifting action. The throttle on electric drift cars is a lot easier to gauge and control during drifts. Nitro RC cars, on the other hand, are slower to respond to throttle and brake action and also generally do not have reverse which is sometimes used for drifting. Nitro cars are also a bit more prone to overheating the engines and shortened clutch life when used for drifting.

When in the market for RC drift cars, look for suppliers and outlets that can provide you with a good collection of units so you can have plenty to select from. Many expert drifters recommend the use of a shaft drive car over a belt-driven transmission for drifting. Shaft drive mechanisms offer better throttle response, as opposed to belt-driven cars, which may cause a backlash because of the belt design. However, many do use belt drive cars for drifting without encountering problems. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure that you will have no issues in the long run or if you are just starting to explore RC drifting, best choose a shaft-driven car, which is arguably the best for drifting.

Additionally, most RC drifters prefer four wheel drive machines when going drifting as they are much easier to control and navigate while drifting. Drift tires are also important components to invest in. In fact, they are often the only items you will need to convert your touring car into an able drift car.