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Get Appealing RC Truck Options for Sale at Online RC Stores

5th Dec 2015

Nitro rc trucks

The world of RC trucking is huge and diverse, with many different types and styles, and somewhat is daunting for a beginner with no prior experience, coming into the hobby. Before you waste your hard earned cash on the first RC truck you see that looks "cool," "fast," or "powerful," it pays to know what other options you have as far as RC trucks are concerned. Online RC stores are great places to start when you are in the market for a good, high-endurance unit, and so is this list:

  • Monster trucks are quite popular and easily recognizable because of their humongous tires and high suspensions. While these trucks aren't necessarily the most stable, they are great for off-roading and similar types of pursuits because they can run over almost anything.
  • Stadium trucks or Truggies are essentially a hybrid between a buggy and a truck with higher suspensions than a Buggy. A RC Truggy is a great all-around truck that can handle well on dirt, gravel, as well as on pavement.
  • Short course trucks are champion off road racing trucks that are slightly narrower than Stadium Trucks, with outer bodies that have been widened to cover modified wheels. The widened body protects the wheels so when these trucks are racing fender to fender, the wheels do not collide and flip the truck. They are good on pavement and great for dirt track racing, but their lower suspension makes it more difficult for them to navigate through coarse gravel and high grass.
  • Trophy trucks vary a bit by style from baja style to styles closer to a short course trucks. They have a ground clearance similar to a short course truck, which makes them good racers on pavement and dirt tracks, but limits their ability to handle much rougher terrain.
  • Rock crawlers are specialized RC trucks that feature highly articulated suspensions, high ground clearance and components optimized for crawling over obstacles. While slow, they can climb over obstacles (huge rocks) and crawl through obstacle courses that no other type of RC vehicle can.

So, if you are looking to buy RC trucks, online RC stores is the best place to buy RC trucks as it offers a wide range of types and styles with exciting offers and discounts.