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Dogbone RC Maintenance Tip and New RC Products

Dogbone RC Maintenance Tip and New RC Products

Posted by RC Hobbies Outlet on 12th Jul 2016

Maintenance Tip

Most of our RC Cars, RC Buggies, and RC Trucks come with metal Dogbones that connect the transmission to the differential, and the differential to the wheels. These normally work well and last a long time.
However, sometimes these dogbones fall out while driving, get bent, to break. Dogbones sit inside the slots of the metal Pockets they fit into, and are designed to move back and forth in the slots when turning or when the suspension is moving up and down. Problems can arise when the distance between these pockets are not optimum – usually too far apart, or sometimes too close.
When they are too far apart, the dogbone may fall out when turning or going over a bump, or the dogbone may wear/damage the end of the pocket. If this is the case, there are several things you can do to address this:

  1. You can put a little piece of rubber (such as from an inner tire tube) into each pocket the dogbone fits into. This is simple to do, and helps keep the dogbone centered and helps absorb some of the shock.
  2. You could move one of the dogbone pockets closer to the middle. For instance in the 1/10 scale models you can move part 02032 on the differential closer to the wheel. You must ensure that the dogbone can still move back and forth even when the suspension is fully compressed or released.
  3. You can replace the dogbone with the universal drive shaft upgrade part for your vehicle.

If your dogbone is getting bent ( other than as a result of a collision) you should check to make sure the dogbone pockets are not too close together.

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