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Benefits Of Having A Crawler With Many Features

10th Aug 2014

RC rock crawling does not require a fast machine. Unlike fast-paced RC sports, rock crawling is not all about speed. Instead, this game is about manoeuvrability and power—having the capability to navigate extremely uneven and rocky surfaces and obstacle courses that other RC models cannot handle. This is why the sport requires more than just truggies and monster trucks that can handle rough terrains. RC rock crawling required a specialized class of radio controlled units known as rock crawlers, which are specifically designed to perform well on the rocks and rough surfaces. Here are some of the best advantages of crawlers over other types of rough-terrain RC models along with features you should look for when buying your own crawler:

  1. Power – Not only do you need a high-power RC unit, you need one that has controlled power or torque. High quality rock crawlers often use stock electric motors, enhanced by lower gear setups that allow them to deliver steady power despite low speeds, thus helping them traverse rocky terrains.
  2. High clearance – High ground clearance in vehicles while maintaining a low center of gravity. This is not only beneficial for preventing the chassis from dragging over rocks, but for keeping the vehicle upright when climbing steep hills, thus preventing it from toppling over during steep ascents.
  3. Good Steering – Manoeuvrability is one of the best advantages of RC crawlers, making them the most suitable units for tackling uneven surfaces. Rock crawling involves a great deal of turning and twisting, which is why a very flexible suspension and high torque steering is very much required for a rock climbing model. Choose a 4-wheel steering unit to get better manoeuvrability on rocky, uneven terrains.
  4. Traction – Good traction is also a must for crawlers. Choose units that have locked differentials and soft rock crawling oriented tires that allow better traction on rough surfaces and obstacles