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Adjusting your RC Vehicle Suspension -Part 1

Posted by RC Hobbies Outlet on 31st Aug 2017

The vehicles you purchased from us, typically comes with an adjustable suspension. Some of our customers have asked us how they should adjust these. In this blog we will look at 2 adjustments -- Toe-in-out and Camber. These adjustments can be used to adjust how your vehicle will drive in different conditions.
Camber Adjustment
Camber is the vertical angle at which the tires sit in relation to the ground. You can adjust it to provide positive, neutral or negative camber.
Positive Camber: Adding a little positive camber will lean the the tire top out a bit, but will provide less traction while cornering -- we do not recommend this.
Negative Camber: Adding a little negative camber ( 1-2 degrees) will lean the tops of the tires inward -- this will provide more traction when cornering
Neutral Camber: This means the tires are straight up and down, which offers the best straight-line traction, but slightly decreased traction when cornering

Camber Adjustment
Toe-in and Toe-out Adjustment
Toe-in and Toe-out refers to whether the front of the tires are angled in or out
Toe-Out Toe- out provides less straight line tracking ( darty feel) but will provide more steering 1-2 degrees of toe-out can be considered for the front if you want stronger cornering
Toe-in: Toe-in provides less steering, but better straight line tracking. 0-2 degrees of toe-in is usually good for the rear wheels -- this is often preset inHSP vehicles