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Playing with your RC truck, or Buggy in the Winter

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Winter is still a great time to play with your RC product. For those in snow country, snow and ice can present some fun new ways to use your RC. Some ways to enjoy winter RC are;

  1. Creating your own track using the snow to build ramps, curves and hills. You can easily modify and enhance your track by just moving and shaping the snow until you have the kind of track that provides the kind of challenge you enjoy.
  2. Snow piles created after the snow plow comes through your street, or the snow piles created in shopping mall parking lots can make a challenging course for rock crawlers
  3. Smooth ice on a lake with the snow removed can make any a RC vehicle into a drift car and allow you to try this rather different form of racing.
    1. Some hobbyists create their own ice tires (by inserting screws through the tires to create spikes) and then have races on the ice
    2. The ice can also make a good runway for flying your RC airplane
  4. Towing babies on sleds
  5. Adding a plow to a truck and using your RC to plow snow

If you are using your RC in the winter, you should take some precautions to protect any exposed elements from water damage. For instance, if your receiver is exposed, you can tape some saran wrap over it or put it inside a balloon. Nitro vehicles and Nitro trucks usually provide the most water resistance for winter RC, although electric RC trucks are more suited for towing or snow plowing. Also be sure to clean and dry your RC when you bring it back inside , to prevent any rust buildup. Plastic parts break more easily when it is very cold outside, so you may also want to consider some metal upgrade parts if this becomes a problem.

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